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How to fix Hard Drive Locked error

How to fix Hard Drive Locked error

Locking the hard disk and displaying the ” hard drive locked ” error can limit access to important information and cause concern for users. Unlocking the hard drive and fixing the hard drive locked error is a sensitive and careful process that must be done according to the reason for the lock and the type of lock system used. These steps may include checking BIOS settings, using unlock keys, or specialized software.

In this article, we will comprehensively review the different stages of unlocking the hard disk and provide practical and effective solutions so that you can easily access your data. By following this guide, you can identify and fix hard disk locking problems and hard drive locked errors.


Hard Drive Locked Error Reasons

How to fix Hard Drive Locked error unlock hard

The hard drive locked error may occur for various reasons. Here are some of these reasons:

  • BIOS or UEFI settings:
    • Some motherboards have the ability to lock the hard drive through BIOS or UEFI. This feature is usually used to prevent unauthorized access to data. If these settings are enabled, you may encounter the ” hard drive locked ” error when booting the system.
  • Locking the hard disk by the operating system:
    • Some operating systems such as Windows have the ability to encrypt and lock the hard drive (such as BitLocker in Windows). If the hard drive is locked by the operating system and the correct password or unlock key is not entered, the ” hard drive locked ” error will be displayed.
  • Hardware failure:
    • Hardware problems such as hard disk controller circuit failure or problems in communication between hard disk and motherboard can also cause this error to be displayed.
  • Virus and malware:
    • Some viruses and malware can attack the hard drive and lock it to prevent the user from accessing the data. These types of attacks are usually known as ransomware attacks.
  • Using third party software:
    • Some third party software can be used to lock and encrypt the hard drive. If these software are not configured correctly or have problems, the hard drive locked error may be displayed.


5 steps to unlock hard drive for Fix Hard Drive Locked Error

To unlock the hard drive and fix the ” hard drive locked ” error, you must follow several steps carefully:

1. Check BIOS or UEFI settings

  • Enter BIOS or UEFI: Turn on the system and enter BIOS or UEFI by pressing the appropriate key (usually F2, Delete, or Esc).
  • Check security settings: In the BIOS settings section, check the security options or hard drive security. If the hard drive is locked, you may be able to unlock it from here.
  • Save changes and exit: If you made a change to unlock the hard drive, save it and restart the system.

2. Using the unlock key or password

  • Unlock password or key: If you use encryption software such as BitLocker, you must enter a password or unlock key. This key is usually given to you when you activated the encryption software.
  • Enter the key at boot time: Turn on the system and enter the key or password when the lock message is displayed to unlock the hard drive.

3. Using specialized software to unlock the hard drive

  • Download and install software: Some specialized software such as Passware Kit or HDD Unlock Wizard can be used to unlock. locked hard drives. Download and install these software from reliable sources.
  • Run the software: Run the program and follow its instructions to identify and unlock the hard drive.
  • Data backup: After unlocking the hard drive, it is recommended to back up your data.

4. System scan for virus

  • Install a reputable antivirus: Use a reputable antivirus software to scan your system for malware and viruses.
  • Run a full scan: Run a full system scan to identify and remove any malware that may be causing the hard drive to lock up.
  • System cleanup: After detecting malware, remove them and restart the system.

5. Check hardware and connections

  • Check physical connections: Make sure the hard drive is properly connected to the motherboard and power supply. Sometimes physical problems in connections can cause the ” hard drive locked ” error to be displayed.
  • Replacing the cables: If you see any connection problems, replace the SATA or power cables.
  • Test with another system: If possible, connect the hard drive to another system to see if the problem persists.

These steps will help you unlock your locked hard drive and access your data.


How to prevent Hard Lock?

  • Humidity in the environment: Make sure that your hard drive and computer are in an environment that has the right temperature and humidity. Keep pollution and harmful particles away from the hard drive.
  • Regular use: If your hard drive is not used for a long time, it is better to start and use it periodically. Failure to use it may cause dust to accumulate on the surface of the disc.
  • Anti-virus software: using an anti-virus software with regular updates can help protect against malware and maintain the health of the hard drive.
  • Regular backup: Making regular backups of important data on another hard drive or in the cloud can help you in times of need and prevent the possibility of data loss.
  • Use UPS: If electronic components, including hard drives, are continuously connected to electricity, using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can help in times of sudden increase or decrease in electricity and prevent hardware damage.
  • Using software tools to monitor hard disk conditions: Some software tools can help you monitor the physical and functional condition of your hard disk and take appropriate actions if necessary
  • Proper ventilation: Make sure that your computer’s cooling system is working properly and that cool and clean air is directed to the hard drive.

By doing these steps, you can prevent your hard drive from becoming lacquered and extend its useful life.


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