Why ESXI Not Recognize Network Card ?

Why ESXI Not Recognize Network Card

When managing a virtual server using the VMware ESXi platform, it is very important that the server’s network card is correctly identified. ESXi not recognizing the network card can lead to network disconnection and other problems that need to be addressed immediately. In this article, we will examine this problem and its solutions.


What is ESXi?

In the modern world of information technology, virtualization is one of the most important elements in data center and server management. Virtual networks allow companies to run their programs and services using more optimized hardware resources. One of the reliable products in this field is ESXi from VMware. ESXi means “virtualization execution environment” and is a software-based hypervisor. This software is able to run several virtual machines on a physical server and has a very high level of stability. One of the main tasks of ESXi is to create and manage virtual machines (VMs) on a physical host.


What is VMware ESXI?

One of the critical things about the successful use of ESXi is to pay attention to its networks and connections. ESXi needs to communicate with other virtual machines and networks in order to provide its virtual applications and services. For this purpose, the ESXi network is a very critical component of the virtualization environment.

ESXi networking includes network-related settings on the ESXi host. These settings include selecting the network type, IP assignment, managing virtual networks (vSwitches), and creating connections between virtual machines and networks. For example, you can set VLAN and packet forwarding settings for your virtual machines to provide secure and optimal communication. ESXi network management requires care and attention because any mistake can lead to disruption of virtual services and data loss. Therefore, developers and system administrators must be familiar with ESXi networking concepts and pay attention to the details of network configuration as a critical part of managing a VMware virtualization environment.


Why ESXI Not Recognize Network Card ?

In the management of virtual environments, the use of virtual systems such as VMware ESXi is vital for running virtual servers. One of the important factors in running a high-performance virtual server is the correct recognition and management of the network card. But sometimes, we may face problems because ESXi does not recognize and manage the network card properly. This problem can be due to several different reasons. Here we will examine the main reasons for the problem of ESXi not recognizing the network card.


Solving the network card not detected problem by ESXI

  • Incompatible version of ESXi: One of the common reasons for the problem of not recognizing the network card is the use of old versions of ESXi. At times, your network card may not be properly recognized by the ESXi version. To solve this problem, you need to upgrade to a newer version of ESXi and ensure full compatibility with the network card.
    Insufficient or inappropriate drivers: Sometimes, if the network card drivers are not installed correctly or have incompatible versions, ESXi cannot recognize and manage the network card. To solve this problem, you need to use the correct drivers and ESXi-compatible versions.
    Incorrect network settings: The network settings in ESXi or the VLAN settings may be set incorrectly. This issue can cause the network card not to be recognized. You should go through all the network settings and make sure everything is set up correctly.
    Physical problems: If there are physical problems such as cables or connections, the network card will not be recognized by ESXi. You must ensure the health of cables and connections and fix physical problems.
  • Hardware problems of the network card: sometimes the problem of not recognizing the network card by ESXi is due to failure or hardware problems of the network card. In this case, it is necessary to repair or replace the network card.
    Keep in mind that to solve the problem of a network card not being recognized by ESXi, it is necessary to carefully check all the mentioned factors and take appropriate actions. These actions will improve the performance of your virtual environment and prevent loss of network connectivity.


Solving ESXI not recognize network card Problem

One of the things that may cause ESXi not to recognize the network card is upgrading the system to a new version of ESXi. In some cases, after upgrading to a new version, the network card is not recognized correctly. To solve this problem, you can

Do the following:

  • Check hardware compatibility: First of all, make sure that the hardware of the network card and the ESXi system are compatible with each other. For this purpose, refer to the VMware hardware compatibility guide and make sure that your system and network card are on their compatibility list.
    Re-applying ESXi settings ESXi settings may have changed after upgrading to a new version. Check the ESXi network settings and make sure all parameters are set correctly.
    Using an SSH terminal If the network card is still not detected, use the SSH terminal to access ESXi.
    Reinstalling the network card drivers: In some cases, reinstalling the network card drivers can solve the problem. To do this, visit the network card manufacturer’s website and download and install the latest version of the drivers.
  • Checking cables and connections: The problem may be with cables and physical connections. Make sure the cables and connections are correct, and replace them if necessary.
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